Operation 4H:
Horses Helping Heroes Heal

EAP for Military Reconstitution

As of August 2011, Military EAP Services for Operation 4H is now being diverted to Spring Reins of Hope's sister non-profit organization, Spring Reins of Life (Horses, Humans & Healing, 501c3). The program is now called Military Operation HorseĀ© (O.H.) and is designed to serve Military Veterans with PTSD and combat related traumas with EAP/EAL programs to help alleviate stressors from PTSD either between deployments or as a part of reintegrating to civilian life. Operation Horse can now be accessed at: www.springreinsoflife.org/operation-horse/. All EAP services for the military are funded and free of charge to service members.

Please visit our non-profit site or contact us at info@springreinsoflife.com 917-275-SROL (7765) to learn more.

- Horses can identify perfectly with the warrior/battlefield mentality -

From ancient times through the conquest of the New World, a meticulously trained war horse was more valuable than a human slave. Such an animal could rear, strike, and kick out his back legs on command to injure or intimidate foot soldiers. He could leap to the side, slide to a stop, spin, and take off running without hesitation. Yet, he would also stand at attention in the midst of a raging battle for his master soldier to dismount and engage in hand-to-hand combat. The equine morphogenetic field scintillates with painful memories of countless immaculately trained, four-legged warriors who died in battle. (Tao of Equus, Linda Kohanov)

Resources for Military Service Members with Horses