EAP for At-Risk Youth / Troubled Teens

Photo courtesy of Pal-O-Mine

As of August, 2011 our At Risk Youth (Inner City / Disadvantaged Youth) EAL/EAP services are now being diverted to Spring Reins of Hope's sister non-profit organization, Spring Reins of Life (Horses, Humans & Healing, 501c3). These services are now called At Risk Youth Programs and can be accessed at: www.springreinsoflife.org/srol-programs/at-risk-youth-program/.

All At Risk Youth Programs are either fully or partially funded as we work proactively and strategically in alignment with other non-profit organizations in order to provide as many options of EAP group settings to adolescents in the NJ, NY and East PA regions. Please visit our non-profit site or contact us at info@springreinsoflife.com 917-275-SROL (7765) to learn more.

photo courtesy of Teaming for Successphoto courtesy of Teaming for Success


Resources for At Risk Youth with Horses