Lynn Dolan BIo


Christianna E. CapraLynn Dolan

Corporate Coordinator, Spring Reins of Hope
Certified Equine Specialist (ES) EAGALA
Certified provider of Paul Ekman training



Lynn Dolan is a lifelong learner and explorer. A native of Queens, NYC, she spent summers during her youth on her grandfather’s dairy farm in Michigan. Moving to NJ in her mid-20s, Lynn became an accomplished equestrian and a horse owner, adopting a standard bred off the racetrack through a rescue organization. Her long association with horses includes numerous riding and self-discovery adventures around the world, where she has experienced first hand the powerful interplay between human and equine energies. In 2011, Lynn became certified as an EAGALA equine specialist.

Lynn has had successful careers in software development, law and most recently pharmaceuticals, with over 15 years experience in New Product Marketing and Business Development. At Novartis, she was part of a global group headquartered in Switzerland and worked in various co-located, cross-functional project teams, which gave Lynn deep experience working in teams with colleagues from various cultures and disciplines. She has a B.A. from Cornell University and a Juris Doctor with Honors from Rutgers University of Law – Newark. In 2013, Lynn became a certified trainer of Paul Ekman’s classes on emotional skill & competencies and evaluating truthfulness & credibility.