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Several times per year Spring Reins of Hope will hold free live demonstrations of EAP/EAL which are open to the public, we also host trainings and other events and seminars. This section of our site will feature our current and upcoming events. In the meantime please check our Event-Brite page as it currently houses this information and is updated frequently. SROH on Event-Brite:


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June 1, 2013 - WE HAVE MOVED (Pittstown, NJ to Broadway, NJ)

horse going on trailerAs of June 1st, 2013 – our location and our herd has moved from Pittstown (at High Pointe Equine Center since October 2010) to Broadway, NJ. We are now operating out of CanalSide Farm in Broadway (Washington Township) just inside of Warren County.

The farm in Pittstown was foreclosed upon midway through our first lease. Fortunately we were able to stay on as property managers for an additional 15 months working with the bank (the new farm lord). It was a lot of work but also a very good deal financially – allowing at that time our roots to grow a little deeper and also to give space for our sister organization, Spring Reins of LIFE (501c3) to be born. In March 2013, the farm was sold to new owners. There was support of our EAP work and acceptance of the populations that we serve, however the lease fees were essentially tripled from what we had been spending without notice of the increase. This created a very short runway to be able to operate and keep a home for the horses at the same time. So a farm search began.

pictures of horse named straw

Believe it or not, it is massively difficult to find a farm home that will allow our EAGALA model work in the arena (private use of an arena with horses and clients loose at the same time), and it is even more difficult to find a farm lord that is welcoming or tolerant of the populations served by our organization to be on the property. Maybe this will change as EAP becomes more known and its efficacy more proven, but as of yet not the case. In 2008 when we first started Spring Reins of Hope and were searching for a location to work out of, it took 47 farm visits to find HPEC in Pittstown, so there is was a bit of an improvement because in 2013 we only had to go and scout out 22 farms to find one that would welcome it all. Facility Needed 2013. horse loading on trailer

CanalSide Farm is a very quaint, small and quiet facility that has a large indoor “square-pen” and a securely fenced outdoor arena. There is an office space / greeting room that will serve for group break-outs and also intakes. There is storage for our gear and equipment. There is a bathroom. There are even 2 minis that might want to work! But most importantly the farm owners not only understand what we do, they welcome it and support it 100%! And the location is in a place that allows our limited budget to afford the expenses of our constant high overhead – to be affordable. And so we move forward onto the next leg of this journey...Horse and barn

We will be having an open house event on Saturday, July 27th from 3pm-6pm to welcome you all to the new place. Also will mention that in the past week CC has been approached by 2 mental health institutions and also an established center ranging from Hunterdon and Somerset Counties – whereby we will be meeting with them in the next couple of months to see what is possible in creating more outreach and locations for SRoH and EAP in the near future... So this chapter of the story is not finished, it may, only just be the real beginning!

In the meantime, enjoy some pictures that were taken during our move from 5/31/13 to 6/2/13... and... HUGE THANK YOU’s go out to the volunteers and transportation angels who really stepped up fast to help us get all four of our herd healers safely to the new spot (YES that included Straw getting on a trailer!), and also another 15 car and truck loads with barrels, cones, furniture, files, etc, etc.

Photo Album of Move from Pittstown to Broadway NJ (June 2013)

Karin Peklak and Marisa Evans – Thank you for carrying our most precious cargo!
Lisa Heiring, Jeff Vollmer, Sue Farley, Beth Radabaugh and Elaine Dill – thank you for sweating through your clothes for "how many trips" of "how much gear" to get us all from A to B!
Kevin and Kristin Rossi for finding "a phone number" that we should try "just one more farm" on Memorial Day 2013 — oh and for moving and re-organizing our office for what, maybe the 17th time?
Pops Capra, for calling in a bedding order from Palm Springs to Hackettstown, NJ!
And to Kris Smalley and Rebecca Fernaine for the moral support and guidance through a really uncertain time!


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